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Thanks for visiting! If you like what you see, why not subscribe to my weekly blog in which exciting, contemporary poets ‘drop in’ to talk about a poem from their latest collections, which I review the following week.

This drop-in/review feature was shortlisted for the Saboteur Award for Reviewer of Literature, in 2021 and 2022.

The feature was set up in August 2020 to promote collections from small publishers without access to the marketing budgets of larger organisations. It was also intended to help new writers get their work known.

Since that time it has received over 10,000 views.

I’d like to thank all the fabulous poets who have dropped in to talk about their collections, all our regular readers and all those who took the time to nominate and vote for it. THANK YOU!


Nigel Kent’s collection of ekphrastic poems, Unmuted (Hedgehog Poetry Press), is inspired by a gallery of famous works by artists from the present and the past. Each artwork acts as a frame in a storyboard which he unfreezes and unmutes to reveal the narrative he imagines lies behind it. Even for those who have no interest in art these direct, accessible and moving poems will stand alone and promise to engage with issues that truly matter.