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OUT NOW Benchwarmers by Nigel Kent!

25th March saw the launch of my latest pamphlet, Benchwarmers (Hedgehog Poetry Press, 2023. This pamphlet was joint winner of Hedgehog Poetry Press’ the ‘Wee Collection Challenge’ in 2022. Here’s a fellow poet’s view of it.

Kent’s poems in this collection, skillfully sketch out the lives of the dispossessed; those who ‘…lost life’s toss the moment they were born.’ His poetry vividly captures the feelings of loss and exclusion experienced by the disenfranchised child, and offers us a sobering insight into how our society fails many young people for so many reasons. In his prose poem, Cut, Nigel Kent sets the sharpest rebuke: portraying the brutalizing effects of ostracism in the psyche of young minds, ‘I’ve left my mark     carved my initials in entitlement’s bark    with the blade they made.’ A chilling yet haunting pamphlet of poems. Josephine Lay, author of ‘A Quietus’

Cost £8.00 p&p inc.

To pre-order contact me via the Contact Page or email me at ‘’.