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Drop in by Paul Waring

I have great pleasure in inviting Paul Waring to drop in today, a poet whom I have admired for some time. Thank you Nigel for inviting me to drop in and write about Melt, a poem from my latest collection Muckle Anima, a Dreich 2022 ‘Classic Chapbook’ competition winner. I wrote my first poem inContinue reading “Drop in by Paul Waring”

Review of ‘Overlap’ by Valerie Bence

This is the first time I have had an opportunity to review a publication by the excellent publisher, The Emma Press. Overlap (The Emma Press, 2022) is a pamphlet by poet, Valerie Bence, and introduces us to three grandmothers, Winifred, Harriet and Valerie Bence herself. The first part of this thoroughly engaging pamphlet recreates inContinue reading “Review of ‘Overlap’ by Valerie Bence”

Drop in by Valerie Bence

This is a first for the website, a drop in by a poet published by the fabulous Emma Press! Welcome, Valerie Bence. Thank you Nigel for this opportunity to reflect on my writing and to look at Press me in peat from my latest Emma Press pamphlet Overlap. After a career as a librarian andContinue reading “Drop in by Valerie Bence”

Review of ‘A Spark in the Darkness’ by Kate Young

Entrants to local, national and international poetry competitions may be familiar with the name, Kate Young. She has an impressive record of reaching the final stages. Most recently she was placed second in the Canterbury Poet of the Year Competition, and in 2021 she was placed third in the Vernal Equinox Competition and won theContinue reading “Review of ‘A Spark in the Darkness’ by Kate Young”

Drop in by Kate Young

Today I have the special pleasure of welcoming the very talented poet, and fellow OUPS member, Kate Youn, to reflect on a poem from her new pamphlet, A Spark in the Darkness (Hedgehog Poetry Press, 2022). A Spark in the Darkness is my first full pamphlet published with Hedgehog Press, so I feel very fortunateContinue reading “Drop in by Kate Young”

Review of ‘Who am I supposed to be driving?’ by Clare O’Brien

Regular visitors to this website will know I have a particular interest in ekphrastic poetry. Having written a collection of such poems in 2021, Unmuted, I am well aware of the challenges presented by the genre, the most important being the capacity for the poems to be able to stand alone: i.e. for me theyContinue reading “Review of ‘Who am I supposed to be driving?’ by Clare O’Brien”

Blog tour review of ‘All Island No Sea’ by Christopher Campbell

An extra treat today to celebrate the publication of All Island No Sea by Christopher Campbell (Alien Buddha Press, 2022) and the 5,000th visitor to this website, an additional review! Since reading Chris Campbell’s White Eye of the Needle I have been a fan of his poetry. I therefore opened All Island No Sea withContinue reading “Blog tour review of ‘All Island No Sea’ by Christopher Campbell”

Drop in by Clare O’Brien

As a fan of ekphrastic poetry, I’m delighted to welcome Clare O’Brien to reflect on her new pamphlet, Who am I supposed to be driving? (Hedgehog Poetry Press, 2022). Spark the Fusion is the fourth poem in this collection. I’ve always been drawn to ekphrastic poetry, but most have been written in response to somethingContinue reading “Drop in by Clare O’Brien”

Review of ‘Fool’s Paradise’ by Zoe Brooks

Sometimes a poetry book crosses your desk that you know instantly is very special. You don’t have to read very much of Fool’s Paradise (Black Eyes Publishing, 2022) to recognise that this is a remarkable book written by a highly-skilled poet totally at ease with her craft. I knew Zoe Brooks’ writing from her collection,Continue reading “Review of ‘Fool’s Paradise’ by Zoe Brooks”

Drop in by Zoe Brooks

This week I’m delighted to welcome Zoe Brooks, who has agreed to drop in to introduce her new poem for voices, Fool’s Paradise. That’s how Fool’s Paradise starts. We are on the road with three travellers and like them we question where it starts and when. The words and rhythms reference the Bible, but atContinue reading “Drop in by Zoe Brooks”