Review of ‘The Liquid Air’ by Andy Breckenridge

I first came across Andy Breckenridge when he was a guest performer at a ‘Flight of the Dragonflies’ Zoom event. I was captivated by his performance that night and when the evening closed, I knew I wanted to return to the poetry he had read, for his poems are impressively layered and invariably characterised byContinue reading “Review of ‘The Liquid Air’ by Andy Breckenridge”

Drop in by Andy Breckenridge

Today I have the great pleasure of welcoming Andy Breckenridge to reflect on his inventive and vibrant pamphlet, The Liquid Air (Hybriddreich, 2021) I am very grateful indeed to Nigel for this opportunity to drop in and write about a poem from my pamphlet The Liquid Air. It was one of six chosen for publicationContinue reading “Drop in by Andy Breckenridge”

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