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Drop in by Chloe Hanks

This week it’s my pleasure to welcome Chloe Hanks. When her unusual collection, I call upon the witches (Sunday Mornings at the River, 2022) arrived on my desk I immediately wanted to review it! I’m fascinated to hear what she has to say. For my drop in, I will be discussing the poem The FourContinue reading “Drop in by Chloe Hanks”

Review of ‘Vertigo to Go’ by Brendon Booth-Jones

A few poems into Brendon Booth-Jones’ debut collection, Vertigo to Go, I thought that here was a worthy winner of Hedgehog Poetry’s ‘White Label Trois Competition’. By the end I was convinced that this was the case! Editor, Mark Davidson, has an eye for talent and Booth-Jones is another impressive addition to Hedgehog’s growing listContinue reading “Review of ‘Vertigo to Go’ by Brendon Booth-Jones”

Drop in Brendon Booth-Jones

I’m more than delighted to welcome Brendon Booth-Jones to reflect on one of the poems from his prize-winning Vertigo to Go… First of all, thank you for having me on to your ‘drop in’ series, Nigel. It’s a real pleasure to be among such esteemed company.     I decided to talk about my poem Sonnet fromContinue reading “Drop in Brendon Booth-Jones”