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Drop-in by Roger Waldron

After my short Easter break I have great pleasure in welcoming the inimitable Roger Waldron to reflect on his pamphlet My C&A Years (Dreich, 2022). Thank you Nigel for inviting me to talk about my work and in particular my pamphlet, My C&A Years and as always thanks to Jack Caradoc at Dreich for publishingContinue reading “Drop-in by Roger Waldron”

Drop-in by Niki Strange

It’s always exciting for lovers of poetry when a new small poetry press publishes its first pamphlet. If Niki Strange’s debut pamphlet is anything to go by Flight of the Dragonfly Press has an eye for exciting new talent. Here she is to talk about a poem from Body Talk, (Flight of the Dragonfly Press,Continue reading “Drop-in by Niki Strange”