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Review of ‘Earthworks’ by Stewart Carswell

One of the pleasures of regularly writing reviews is the opportunity to read closely the work of some of today’s finest, young writers. Over the last two years I have been stunned by the quality of writing that some of these writers are producing. Stewart Carswell is a young writer to add to that group.Continue reading “Review of ‘Earthworks’ by Stewart Carswell”

Drop in by Stewart Carswell

Today it’s my privilege to welcome rising star, Stewart Carswell, to drop in to reflect upon his collection, Earthworks (Indigo Dreams, 2021). Throughout the book there are a number of poems that all share the Earthworks title, each one exploring a different historical earthwork in England.  This poem was the first of those to beContinue reading “Drop in by Stewart Carswell”