Review of ‘Love All The People’ by Gerry McGrath

Readers of poetry south of the border may be unfamiliar with the work of Scottish poet, Gerry McGrath. His new chapbook, Love All the People ((Hybriddreich Ltd, 2021), provides an opportunity to remedy that and to acquaint oneself with the work of an exceptional, mature talent. The book contains poems written by the poet overContinue reading “Review of ‘Love All The People’ by Gerry McGrath”

Drop in by Gerry McGrath

This week I welcome reviewer and poet, Gerry McGrath, to reflect on his wonderful chapbook, Love All the People. The Makings of a Good Conversation – ends & beginnings                 Poetry can stop the heart, if not time. Recently I was in correspondence by email with a friend. We’ve both been doing the poetry thingContinue reading “Drop in by Gerry McGrath”

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