Review of ‘Immersed in Blue’ by Margaret Royall

It’s my pleasure to start 2022’s programme by reviewing the newest collection of a poet friend with whom I became acquainted during the early days of Hedgehog Poetry, Margaret Royall. This work is an unusual collection of poetry and prose entitled, Immersed in Blue and it is published by Steve Cawte at Impspired, as partContinue reading “Review of ‘Immersed in Blue’ by Margaret Royall”

Drop in by Margaret Royall

Yes, it’s 2022 and we back again with a drop in by Margaret Royall, as she reflects on a poem (or two!) from her Immersed in Blue (Impspired Press, 2021)… …First of all I would like to express my sincere thanks to Nigel for inviting me to drop in and talk about poetry from myContinue reading “Drop in by Margaret Royall”

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