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Review of ‘A Spark in the Darkness’ by Kate Young

Entrants to local, national and international poetry competitions may be familiar with the name, Kate Young. She has an impressive record of reaching the final stages. Most recently she was placed second in the Canterbury Poet of the Year Competition, and in 2021 she was placed third in the Vernal Equinox Competition and won theContinue reading “Review of ‘A Spark in the Darkness’ by Kate Young”

Drop in by Kate Young

Today I have the special pleasure of welcoming the very talented poet, and fellow OUPS member, Kate Youn, to reflect on a poem from her new pamphlet, A Spark in the Darkness (Hedgehog Poetry Press, 2022). A Spark in the Darkness is my first full pamphlet published with Hedgehog Press, so I feel very fortunateContinue reading “Drop in by Kate Young”