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Review of ‘Wrappings in Bespoke’ by Sanjeev Sethi

Back in August 2020 my intention was to use this blog to draw readers’ attention to debut collections, but as time went on I decided to vary the content by occasionally inviting more established poets to share insights into their new works. Well, they don’t come more established than Sanjeev Sethi. The quality of hisContinue reading “Review of ‘Wrappings in Bespoke’ by Sanjeev Sethi”

Drop in by Kathleen Kenny

Today I welcome one of Dreich’s finest poets, Kathleen Kenny, to give us some insights into a poem from her fabulous collection, Forbidden-By-The-Sea (Dreich, 2021). Nigel kindly invited me to say a little about a poem from my recent Dreich collection: Forbidden-by-the-Sea. The poem I’ve chosen to discuss is The Toy Museum. All of theContinue reading “Drop in by Kathleen Kenny”