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Review of ‘The Keeper of Aeons’ by Matthew M.C. Smith

Sometimes in the business of reviewing you come across a collection that is so impressive in its quality and so layered and complex in meaning that it challenges one to find words to do it justice. The Keeper of Aeons (Broken Spine Arts, 2022) by Matthew M.C. Smith is one of those collections. This isContinue reading “Review of ‘The Keeper of Aeons’ by Matthew M.C. Smith”

Drop in by Matthew M.C. Smith

I’m particularly excited to welcome Matthew M.C. Smith to drop in today to talk about a poem from his stunning collection, The Keeper of Aeons, as I have long been an admirer of his poetry. My poem Paviland: Ice and Fire was published by The Lonely Crowd in 2022. I was really pleased to beContinue reading “Drop in by Matthew M.C. Smith”