Review of ‘Sherry and Sparkly’ by Maureen Cullen & Patricia M. Osborne

Today something new again. This time I’m reviewing the latest in the Hedgehog Poetry Press series of poetry conversations, Sherry and Sparkly, (Hedgehog Poetry Press, 2021) between Patricia M. Osborne (who is no stranger to these pages) and Maureen Cullen. This pamphlet constitutes a conversation between two poets reminiscing about and reflecting upon their commonContinue reading “Review of ‘Sherry and Sparkly’ by Maureen Cullen & Patricia M. Osborne”

Drop in by Patricia M Osborne

This week something different again. I have asked Patricia M Osborne to talk about her poetry conversation, Sherry and Sparkly (Hedgehog Poetry Press, 2021), with fellow poet, Maureen Cullen. Thank you, Nigel, for inviting me on your feature to talk about a poem from my co-authored pamphlet Sherry & Sparkly. It’s not often you’ll findContinue reading “Drop in by Patricia M Osborne”

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