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Review of ‘Muckle Anima’ by Paul Waring

I can think of no better way to end this year of drop ins and reviews than by sharing with you my response to Paul Waring’s exceptional, Muckle Anima (Hybriddreich, 2022). I have had the privilege of reviewing a number of wonderful collections this year, but this is equal to the very best and IContinue reading “Review of ‘Muckle Anima’ by Paul Waring”

Drop in by Paul Waring

I have great pleasure in inviting Paul Waring to drop in today, a poet whom I have admired for some time. Thank you Nigel for inviting me to drop in and write about Melt, a poem from my latest collection Muckle Anima, a Dreich 2022 ‘Classic Chapbook’ competition winner. I wrote my first poem inContinue reading “Drop in by Paul Waring”