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Review of ‘the end of the age of fire’ by Peter Clive

I think there’s something appropriate about beginning the year with a review of a collection that focuses on the most important issue of our lifetime: the climate crisis. Peter Clive’s the end of the age of fire is a passionate plea for the reader to understand the precariousness of the situation that we find ourselvesContinue reading “Review of ‘the end of the age of fire’ by Peter Clive”

Drop in by Peter Clive

What better way to start the 2023 than with a drop in by a poet who cares deeply about protection of the environment, Peter Clive. As I write this, while recovering from the hangover I inflicted on myself at a New Year’s party celebrating the start of 2023, Europe is experiencing temperature anomalies that areContinue reading “Drop in by Peter Clive”