Review of ‘Dualities’ by Sharon Larkin

You know that you’ve enjoyed reading a collection when you repeatedly wish you’d written the poem you’ve just read. That was the case for me with Sharon Larkin’s, Dualities (Hedgehog Poetry press, 2020). I was left envying the achievement of this collection for she writes the sort of poetry that I enjoy reading and aspireContinue reading “Review of ‘Dualities’ by Sharon Larkin”

Drop in by Sharon Larkin

This week dropping in is Sharon Larkin, author of the thoughtful and perceptive Dualities. Hi Nigel – thank you for this opportunity to say a few words about one of my poems from Dualities. I’ve chosen the poem ‘On not Making a Scene’ a quarter of the way into the collection.  Most people will beContinue reading “Drop in by Sharon Larkin”

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