Review of ‘Snake Skins’ by Kate Boston-Williams

Today I’m reviewing the debut collection by Kate Boston-Williams, entitled Snake Skins (Hybriddreich Ltd, 2021). Though these poems are personal, they concern common experiences and as a consequence many readers will be able to connect with them. They focus on the effects of change, initiated by circumstances such as growing up, the loss of lovedContinue reading “Review of ‘Snake Skins’ by Kate Boston-Williams”

Drop in by Kate Boston-Williams

Today’s drop in is by another poet from the Dreich stable, Kate Boston-Williams, reflecting on a poem from her debut collection, Snake Skins. Welcome Kate. Thank you Nigel for showing an interest in my first collection of poems “Snake Skins” and for inviting me to share my processes and inspirations for one particular poem. It’sContinue reading “Drop in by Kate Boston-Williams”

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