Review of ‘The Montefiore Bride’ by Patricia M. Osborne

Patricia M Osborneā€™s latest pamphlet, The Montefiore Bride,  published by Hedgehog Press, is a fictional exploration of the relationship between the real life Sir Francis Montefiore and his bride, Lady Marianne. Using a combination of poetry and prose Osborne presents us with a portfolio of texts, rather like an historian or researcher, from which weContinue reading “Review of ‘The Montefiore Bride’ by Patricia M. Osborne”

Drop in by Patricia M Osborne

Thank you, Nigel, for inviting me over to your blog to talk about my pamphlet, The Montefiore Bride.   The Montefiore Bride is a short story told in prose poetry and forms part of the Worth Park timeline I wrote back in 2017, during my residency at a local Victorian park, when studying for myContinue reading “Drop in by Patricia M Osborne”

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