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Review of ‘Overlap’ by Valerie Bence

This is the first time I have had an opportunity to review a publication by the excellent publisher, The Emma Press. Overlap (The Emma Press, 2022) is a pamphlet by poet, Valerie Bence, and introduces us to three grandmothers, Winifred, Harriet and Valerie Bence herself. The first part of this thoroughly engaging pamphlet recreates inContinue reading “Review of ‘Overlap’ by Valerie Bence”

Drop in by Valerie Bence

This is a first for the website, a drop in by a poet published by the fabulous Emma Press! Welcome, Valerie Bence. Thank you Nigel for this opportunity to reflect on my writing and to look at Press me in peat from my latest Emma Press pamphlet Overlap. After a career as a librarian andContinue reading “Drop in by Valerie Bence”